Sep 20th, 2011

TASTE OF TEARS CMMArtist:                 TASTE OF TEARS
Titel:                    Once Human
File under          Progressive Death Metal
Label:             SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution
Cat.No.:               SAOL076
Release date:   07.10.2011



1.         Ames Room
2.         Phlegraean Fields
3.         Once Human (Pinnacle & Pit)
4.         Architects Of Downfall
5.         Profound Rain
6.         A Walk On The Razor’s Edge
7.         A Great Paradox
8.         Timeframe


TASTE OF TEARS was founded 1998 by Marcus Seebach and Daniel Patzen and completed with the entry of Gion Alig and Duri Camenisch. At first their musical style was limited to pure Death Metal, but evolving, the band places much value on making their music unique to the listener.Taste of Tears started early to enhance their live performance and develope it continuously.

TASTE OF TEARS had numerous gigs with well established bands like Entombed, Legion Of The Damned, Cataract, Negligence, Mendeed and more. This enabled them to exhibit their talent to a wide audience. The first recordings were published on a demo (2004) and a promo-cd (2007) and gained a lot of positive feedback.

At the end of 2004, Daniel left the band due to personal reasons. With the entrance of close friend Ivan Strimer as vocalist at beginning of 2006, the band changed to the actual lineup and began to break through the limits of Death Metal: The growling is partially supplemented by clean singing, and the sound becomes more progressive and technical but also harder and more hymnal.The lyrics deal mainly with current events and thoughts in a metaphorical and critical way.

The new album “Once Human” will be released on October 07, 2011 through SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution. It was recorded in the band’s own studio called “T.O.T.-Records” and includes eight songs of progressive Death Metal. All mixed by Tommy Vetterli   (Coroner,   Kreator,   69 Chambers) in the Newsound Studios and mastered by Dan Suter (Echochamber).