SUGAR RAY – “No Cerveza, No Trabajo”

Jul 25th, 2005

Meda / Titel: DVD / “No Cerveza, No Trabajo”
Release: 25.07.2005
Label: Warner

SUGAR RAY – No Cerveza, No Trabajo

No beer, no work! What a name for a DVD! There’s probably no further comment required to describe the sunny humour of one of the snottiest bands of all times….
Orange County is situated in sunny California, and thats what SUGAR RAY call their home.. No surprise that this five-piece band with their Crossover-Pop-Alternative-Rock-Reggae-Mix and lyrical subjects such as summer, parties and sex cannot be categorized into a certain musical direction. After their celebrated fifth album “In The Persuit Of Leisure” (2003) singer Mark McGrath and his coleagues have put out a DVD where one can tell what a great time they are having: “No Cerveza, No Trabajo”. The 55 minute long DVD contains videos such as “Caboose” and “Fly” as well as “Falls Apart” plus a variety of short movies. Along with the documentation to the making of the video “Every Morning” there are also interviews with the mothers of Mark, Charles, Matthew, Craig and Rodney – which offers a whole new perspective into the world of SUGAR RAY!No Cerveza, No Trabajo!
Product information

Artist: Sugar Ray
Format: Dolby, NTSC
Picture format: 4:3
DVD release date: 25. Juli 2005