Sound & Fury – “Sound & Fury”

Oct 24th, 2008

Band: Sound And Fury
Medium / Title: CD / “Sound And Fury”
Release Date: 24.10.2008
Label: Rebel Youth / SAOL / H´Art

Get ready for the rampage. Toronto’s SOUND AND FURY is the feral wolf, perched on its haunches, fangs bared and poised to pounce, tearing the strips of rock ‘n roll tedium from the world and spewing it back with snarling intensity. “Our music is ferocious and dirty and nasty and wild!” says Luke Metcalf, lead singer and composer of the sneering, snarling brute force known as SOUND AND FURY.  “It’s all about having fun, running wild and getting crazy!”
Sound and Fury’s self-titled debut album will rattle your ribcage with such scrap bone rockers as “School’s Out,” “Eighteen,” “Bad Touch,” “Runaway Love,” and “Teenage Rampage,” while the group – Metcalf, guitarist Griffin and Daz, ex-Age Of Electric bass player Jon Kerns and skin beater Chris Avalos – tap the adrenaline and desperation of raw survival, gear it into overdrive and ricochet that primal energy off the eardrums and craniums of its rabid fan base.

For a few years Metcalf moved around a lot, getting kicked out of 3 different high schools for various incidents, then being thrown out of his house.  “I had no money, no job and no place to live but I got lucky and got a job on a farm the same day I got kicked out.” He worked there all summer, then went to California by bus to meet up with a friend.  “When I got there my buddy and his father were being evicted. They were broke too so we ended up living for weeks in their car, then we squatted in some abandoned house in East Oakland for a month, then lived in a motel room with eleven street punk kids, like, squeegee kids, it was pretty wild.”  The next year was spent scrounging for good times in the land of the next: the next high, the next drink, the next lay, the next meal — often in that order. “Whoever had a bottle of booze or a bag of weed or party supplies, we’d get together and get wasted. We’d scrounge food and occasionally somebody would get a job and they would have some extra cash. And that’s reflected in my music. The songs are all either about my wild times in high school or about my extreme lifestyle afterwards, living day-to-day in the moment, where your whole focus is trying to survive for that day – trying to get food, find a place to crash and have some kind of good times – get food, get drugs, get booze… I’m trying to recapture that feeling with Sound and Fury. It was great, I had lots of fun and met a lot of cool people.

So maybe the pen is mightier than the sword, but Luke Metcalf promises that SOUND AND FURY will stab conformity through the heart and celebrate the spoils with the devoted fans that hitch a ride to their powerful, adrenaline-pumping sound. “We don’t take ourselves that seriously. This is about going out and getting crazy, for kids who want to go out and have a good time. I wanna party with the kids who live for rock n roll – no bullshit, down ‘n dirty, ferocious rock ‘n roll. People who really sincerely live for that music and don’t give a shit about anything else.”