SOME HATE WILL LAST – “The Art Of Resistance”

Jun 12th, 2012

Medium/Title: CD/ “The Art Of Resistance”
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Release: 13.07.2012
Label: SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution
Catalogue: SAOL 091
EAN: 4260177740918


01. A Setting Sun – Intro
02. Some Hate Will Last
03. Lost
04. Insane Memories
05. Lower Than The Low
06. Rules Of Mass Manipulation
07. As Hate Grows
08. Twelve Bullets In The Head
09. Live Fast & Die Young
10. When Nothing Counts Anymore
11. Deny Their Rules
12. The Unknown Force Of Inner Strength
13. On Passion, Pain & Deliverance
14. The Art Of Resistance
15. There Will Be Sadness At The End – Outro

Bonus Tracks: SHWL – Acoustic Sessions (feat. X-Pro)

16. Some Hate Will Last (Acoustic Version)
17. Insane Memories (Acoustic Version)
18. Live Fast And Die Young (Acoustic Version)


Doc Double L – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums


Brutal, aggressive, merciless -that’s the sound of SOME HATE WILL LAST!

On top of staccato-guitar-grooves rises an aggressive and brutal growling which is suddenly interrupted by break-beat- or jazz rhythms and melodic (twin-) guitar solos. The style of playing as well as the sound production combine the typical stylistic elements of the contemporary extreme metal and the uncontrolled roughness and aggression of 80′s hardcore. It is, therefore, “Metal-Core” in the real sense, which deliberately denounces the often heightened precision of contemporary studio records and thus gains its very own identity.

Compact songs with huge potential for permanent “neck-ache” are the result of this innovative approach which can be enjoyed on the current debut release “The Art of Resistance”.

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