SEX SLAVES – Call Of The Wild

Jul 11th, 2012

Medium / Title: CD / “Call Of The Wild”
Genre: Sleaze Rock
Release: 24.08.2012
Label: SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution
Cataloguenumber:  SAOL 103
EAN: 4260177741038


01. W.T.F.R.U.
02. Lose That Dress
03. Burning Bridges
04. My Black heart
05. I Wanna Kill You
06. Sik Fuk
07. Call Of The Wild
08. Get In Line
09. Rock & Roll Band
10. Let’s Make Out
11. I Swear
12. Cool Ride
13. I Got Drunk


Eric13 – Vocals, Gitarre
Del Cheetah – Vocals, Bass
J/Bomb – Drums


SEX SLAVES are a living Rock’n’Roll machine. They have independently performed over 1,000 live shows in 13
countries, and counting…all without a major label’s tour support dollars, or corporate sponsorship. This is a band
to be reckoned with.

Born out of the gutter and raised on a deserted street corner in the Lower East Side of New York City, SEX SLAVES
sound like they’ve just awoken from an all-night binge of booze, ciga-rettes, and cheap sex. There hasn’t been one
slimy dive in this whole wretched world that hasn’t been given a sleaze-pop makeover, and a hefty dose of sass by
these three street walkin’ cheetahs.

They spent 18 months on the road in 2005/06 in support of their infectious, bombastic, delicious, and diseased
sopho-more album, BITE YOUR TONGUE, and two previous tours in JAPAN and the U.S. for their bright, buzzing, snotty,
hook-heavy, self-released debut album NIKKI. SEX SLAVES have proven themselves to be a really hard working band,
scratch-ing their way onto bed posts and into rock n’ roll immortality one gig at a time.

After returning home in early 2010 from two EUROPEAN tours in support of their 3rd release, WASTED ANGEL, eric13, Del Cheetah, and J Bomb are now bringing their insatiable appetite for pure action and reckless abandon to YOUR city
– grab the Jack Daniels, quit your job, and join the revolution!

…never mind the vanilla rock bands, here come the SEX SLAVES!!

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