SAVATAGE – “Fight For The Rock” & “Dead Winter Dead”

Jul 22nd, 2011


Band: Savatage
Medium/Titel: CD/ “Fight For The Rock”
VÖ: 22.07.2011
Label: Ear Music/ Edel


The back catalogue of the metal legend SAVATAGE has approached the next round – Savatage is back! …with an exclusive, new shaped design including extensive liner notes and anecdotes by Jon Oliva himself. Furthermore, every reissue contains selected unreleased bonus tracks, some of which being previously unreleased.


Band: Savatage
Medium/Titel: CD/ “Dead Winter Dead”
VÖ: 22.07.2011
Label: Ear Music/ Edel


Packed in an attractive digipak, each of both releases offers a massive booklet with exclusive liner notes from the year 2011 and the lyrics of the particular album. As an add-on, every release includes bonustracks. “Fight For The Rock” stands up with an acoustic version of “This Is The Time” and the song “This Is Where You Should Be”. “Dead Winter Dead” on the other hand brings along two unreleased acoustic versions of the songs “Miles Away/Follow Me” (2010) and “When The Crowds Are Gone” (2011).

Additionally, a special attraction is offered to all the hunter-gatherers out there: the albums of this line of SAVATAGE re-issues, placed side by side and in the right order, show a huge SAVATAGE logo. A highlight in your CD-rack!

Tracklist of “Fight For The Rock”:

01. Fight For The Rock 3:57
02. Out On The Streets 4:00
03. Crying For Love 3:25
04. Day After Day 3:41
05. The Edge Of Midnight 4:49
06. Hyde 3:56
07. Lady In Disguise 3:21
08. She Is Only Rock ‘N Roll 3:25
09. Wishing Hell 3:22
10. Red Light Paradise 4:00


11. This Is The Time (acoustic) 5:31
12. This Is Where You Should Be 4:55

Tracklist of “Dead Winter Dead”:

01. Overture 1:49
02. Sarajevo 2:31
03. This Is The Time (1990) 5:39
04. I Am 4:32
05. Starlight 5:38
06. Doesn’t Matter Anyway 3:47
07. This Isn’t What We Meant 4:12
08. Mozart And Madness
09. Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro) 1:18
10. Dead Winter Dead 4:19
11. One Child 5:13
12. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) 3:24
13. Not What You See 5:03


14. Miles Away/ Follow Me (acoustic)
15. When The Crowds Are Gone (acoustic)

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