Sacred Oath – Sacred Oath

Jul 10th, 2009

SACRED OATH CMMBand: Sacred Oath
Medium / Titel: CD / “Sacred Oath”
VÖ: 22.05.2009
Label: SAOL / H’art
If you’re looking for good old-fashioned heavy metal, then Connecticut’s Sacred Oath is the band for you. The group – which is comprised of Rob Thorne (vocals, guitar), Bill Smith (Guitar), Scott Waite (Bass), and Kenny Evans (drums) – are preparing to release their latest offering, ‘Sacred Oath.’

Release dates for both the standard and deluxe version of the CD have been set for May 12th (US, Canada) . The official version contains 10 songs in a jewel case. The deluxe edition has 14 songs and is packaged in an elaborate digipack with a 16 page lyric and photo booklet.

All four bonus tracks in the deluxe package are additional brand new songs. Why two editions? “Pricing, really” says Rob Thorne. “Old-school Oathbangers won’t have any qualms paying $14 for the deluxe, but newcomers to the band might, and we’re working on an exclusive with iTunes to feature the album at a discounted price. You just can’t do that with 14 songs.”

‘Sacred Oath’ will be available for mp3 download through all the major online retailers, but the band expects to make an announcement about an iTunes exclusive in the coming weeks.
“Much of the recording of this album has just been a whirlwind. The band is in a zone,” said Thorne. Sacred Oath’s last album ‘…’Till Death Do Us Part’ spent a few weeks on the iTunes homepage as one of eight best live metal albums in 2008.

Recently, the group filmed the first video off of ‘Sacred Oath,’ for the track “Counting Zeros.” “Yeah, it’s easy to get into character for a metal video when you’re standing outside in a 14 degree wind chill for 13 hours straight,” says Thorne about the recent filming of the video. “We all had pretty bitter looks on our faces. “Counting Zeros” is about the current mess we’re in, both economically and with the war, so I guess you could say the weather was in our favour. We just had to grin and bear it.” He laughs, “This is why bands use drugs!”

When questioned about the band’s third album in as many years – this after a 20-year hiatus following the band’s debut, ‘A Crystal Vision,’ in 1987, Thorne responded, “What can I tell you? I can’t explain the timing of it all. But it sure is working, and we’re having a fucking great time!”

Tracklisting for ‘Sacred Oath’ standard version (jewelcase): 1. Paradise Lost / 2. Blood Storm / 3. Voodoo Dolls / 4. Counting Zeros / 5. High And Mighty / 6. Sacred Oath
7. Caught In The Arc / 8. Buried Alive / 9. What The Dark Will Undo / 10. Hunt For The Fallen Angel

Tracklisting for ‘Sacred Oath’ deluxe edition (digipack): 1. Paradise Lost / 2. Blood Storm / 3. Buried Alive / 4. Voodoo Dolls / 5. Counting Zeros / 6. Caught In The Arc / 7. Mistress Of The Setting Sun / 8. High And Mighty / 9. Wings Of Salvation / 10. Order Of The System Lords / 11. Sacred Oath / 12. What The Dark Will Undo / 13. Scourge Of Sin / 14. Hunt For The Fallen Angel

The playtime ist 72:49 minutes. Best track of the album? “Ooooh”, sais Thorne, “I love so many tracks on that disc, nut I’d say “Counting Zeroes” is what I choose TODAY (laughs). We always were a concept-oriented band und this song really resumes the lyric subject of the whole album.

Being further asked, if the album is a conceptual one, Thorne smiles: ” The album could again contain ‘Two Powers’. SACRED OATH offers a free download of the first single of the album -’Blood Storm’ . Just register with ”

the album was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York, the graphical design and artworks was made by Ioannis for Vivid Images Creative. Chip Ruggieri is responsble for the band’s publicity at Chipster PR. And Dan Russo takes part as managing consultant for the band.

The worldwide releasedates as well as the support-tour in Spring/Summer 2009 will beannounced soon.