ROSE TATTOO – “Blood Brothers”

Feb 16th, 2007

Media / Title: CD / “Blood Brothers”
Release: 16.02.2007
Label: Armageddon / Soulfood

In the category of ´cult bands`, Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile for years. The raw style of blues rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along with the unmistakeable voice of the front man Angry Anderson is what gives the fans a welcome feast in what is today a fast food orientated music business. The best thing about Rose Tattoo is: The band can take a punch and are full of vitality, they put every kick in the face behind them and still have the energy to carry on and deliver a new quality product. Their new album, Blood Brothers is not only a true to the time Rock´n`Roll album that mixes traditional and modern styles in a super high quality but is also a tribute to the band members Peter Wells and Ian Rilen who unfortunately recently lost their lives. In short: Blood Brothers is a manifestation of Rock´n`Roll of the strongest form, powerful, unrelenting and wildly uncompromising.
Although the death of his two friends had left a massive hole in the life of singer Angry Anderson, he wanted – especially in respect to Peter Wells – to keep the band alive. This is why Blood Brothers sounds so typically down to earth and done with the hand. The current line-up of the band consists of Angry Anderson (vocals), Mick Cocks(Guitar), Steve King (Bass), Paul DeMarco (Drums) and newcomer Dai Pritchard (Guitar), a group of people who know how to produce hand made Rock´n`Roll of the finest Australian sort which in the thirtieth year of their existence leaves nothing to falter. The new album was produced by Mark Opitz in ´Studio 301`, Sydney, Australia.
With Blood Brothers Rose Tattoo have managed to produce an album that equals the two predecessors 25 To Life (2000) and Pain (2002), so that the musicians after a long break are able to impressively return for the new millenium. The new album is full with lively rock numbers, that just stick in the brain and impress the fun the band members have in their music.