RISE TO REMAIN-City of Vultures

Sep 2nd, 2011

Media / Titel: CD / “City Of Vultures”
VÖ: 02.09.2011
Label: EMI




1. Intro
2. The Serpent
3. This Day is Mine
4. City of Vultures
5. Talking in Whispers
6. God Can Bleed
7. Power Through Fear
8. Nothing Left
9. We Will Last Forever
10. Illusions
11. Roads
12. Bridges Will Burn

A dramatic, blistering, melodic and hugely ambitious album, ‘City Of Vultures’ is the sound of one of the most exciting new bands in Britain not only delivering on their early promise but setting the benchmark for all their peers to follow.
From the brutal roar of ‘The Serpent’ and the guttural blast of the title track, through the hook-laden anthems of ‘This Day Is Mine’, ‘Talking In Whispers’ and ‘Power Through Fear’ to the widescreen melodies of ‘Roads’ and the fan-favourite stomp of recent single ‘Nothing Left’, this is an album of breath-taking scope, driven along by virtuoso performances from all five members.
The album finishes with a brilliant re-recording of the lead track from their 2010 EP, ‘Bridges Will Burn’, which saw them winning the Best New Band Award at both the Kerrang and Metal Hammer awards last year.
Early reviews have been unanimous in their praise. Metal Hammer have claimed, “We’re not sure who’s more excited about this album; us or the band. You’re gonna love it!”, Big Cheese raved, “A bruising metal epic from start to finish, the Rise To Remain album drops next month and it’s a beast!”, Rock Sound declared, “Bursting with riffs and technicality it’s a hard-hitting and relentless 45 minutes that… packs a formidable punch. 8/10″ and Front have given it the full 5/5.
Kerrang have also just thrust lead singer Austin Dickinson into their Greatest Living Rock Stars issue claiming; “He is emerging as a frankly astonishing frontman. Austin’s commanding vocals and ability to sweep an audience into his metallic world helped propel his band to being named Best British Newcomer at the 2010 Kerrang Awards. Recent performances have seen them debut songs from their forthcoming album ‘City Of Vultures’ indicating that the best is definitely still to come.”




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