Apr 24th, 2009

Band: Ricky Warwick
Medium / Titel: CD / “Belfast Confetti”
VÖ: 24.04.2009
Label: DR2/Intergroove

Global Music is proud to announce the signing of Irish songwriting-legend, Ricky Warwick and the release of his new solo album, Belfast Confetti, out April 27th 2009.


Although the founding member of Glasgow heavy metal band, The Almighty, and working in various other punk outfits, including Stiff Little Fingers, The Ruts and New Model Army, Ricky brazenly embarked on an acouAlthough the founding member of Glasgow heavy metal band.


Ricky is planning to hit the road for a full touring schedule as soon as Belfast Confetti hits the shelves.  However, even after sharing the stage with groups such as Alice In Chains, The Ramones, Metallica, Cheap Trick, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Def Leppard over the many years, Ricky has earned his salt engaging large crowds with performances that are captivating and intimate, leaving his fans feeling truly connected to his music.