Rick Danko – “Cryin’ Heart Blues”

Jun 22nd, 2007

Band: Rick Danko
Title: CD / Cryin’ Heart Blues
Release Date: June 22th, 2007
Corazong / Soulfood

Richard Manuel was, until he died in 1986, keyboarder of “The Band”. Now, the Dutch label Corazong will release the CD „Whispering Pines“, which contains precious live recordings from the 1985-release “Getaways“. Here you will find a very rare recording, which has been supported by his former band colleague Rick Danko. In those days, this album was not planned to be released, contrary to the fact that this is the only single recording of the heavily depressive musician Richard Manuel. For every 60es- and 70es-enthusiast as well as for fans of „The Band” and Bob Dylan, this is a definite “must have”!