Apr 18th, 2011

Medium / Titel: CD / “Bring Me Home”
Release date: 17.06.2011
Label: SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution

The RAYGUN REBELS already had 75 gigs in the last 3 years (stats from spring 2011), which is very impressive for such a short band history, considering they had to compose their own work.

Therefore they understood that it is not about playing but impressing the audience. A concert should be an experience and unforgettable memory.

That’s why their concerts ended up as rock’n’roll parties, that put their listeners into a trance-like state. Whether it was flying or burning guitars, special effects, gogo dancers or audience participation, they never failed to leave anything artistic out. Not to mention the talent of each and every band member and their deep passion for music.

Meanwhile, big names in the scene like Vains of Jenna (Sweden), Sex Slaves (USA), Tracy Gang Pussy (France), Sister (Sweden), Elegantly Wasted (USA) and so on can proudly say to have shared the stage with Raygun Rebels. But also bands like Destruction, Sinister (NI), Evergreen Terrace (USA) and many others performing at big festivals. With stage times from 40 mins to 2 hours, they understand how to constantly amaze and entertain the crowd.

With elaborate backdrops and stage elements, the RAYGUN REBELS have no problem filling even large venues, supported by their well organized team. Therefore they can handle the growing expectations of an international live band.

Technical details can be found in the technical rider, stage plan and input list, which are always customized to stage size and requirements. Individual program coordination and active advertising round up the live package for the rebels and leave a lasting impression not only for the live audience but also for the organizer…

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