MEGADETH – “Arsenal Of Megadeth”

Mar 24th, 2006

Meda / Titel: DVD / “Arsenal Of Megadeth”
Release: 24.03.2006
Label: EMI

“Arsenal Of Megadeth” is the title of this grandiose work which provides a comprehensive retrospective of two decades of frontman Dave Mustain’s glorious band. Besides video clips like “Peace Sells..” and “In My Darkest Hour”, the package also contains interviews from the very beginning of the Metal formation as well as yet unreleased live recordings of the “Gigantour” 2005. Plus, MEGADETH takes you to rehearsals, lets you have a glimpse behind the scenes at some video takes. Another goody are unique recordings of the 1990 “Clash Of Titans” tour and an unplugged show in Argentina. And if this wasn’t enough, Dave Mustain picked some specialities out of his private collection and comments on the highlights of his career together with the other band members. The tracklist of “Arsenal Of Megadeth”, containing 20 original video clips and 32 yet unreleased sequences is an impressive documentary of the history of an absolute world-class Metal band