Matt Mays & El Torpedo – “Matt Mays + El Torpedo”

Feb 3rd, 2006

Artist: Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Media / Title: CD / “Matt Mays + El Torpedo”
Release: 03.02.2006
Label: INKUBATOR / Warner / Soulfood

Rock’n'Roll and guitar-powered dynamic Country Rock is what it’s all about when this quintet from Halifax enters the stage. Frontman MATTHEW MAYS (founding member of the Guthries) and his formation EL TORPEDO already impressed the audience at the “Canadian Night” during the Popkomm 2005. Their new longplayer “Matt Mays + El Torpedo” will be presented in early February. 


01. Stand Down At Sundown
02. Travellin’
03. Cocaine Cowgirl
04. The Plan
05. Ain’t So Heavy
06. St. Greorge’s Lan
07. Move Your Mind
08. What Are We Gonna Do Come The Month Of September?
09. Good People
10. Lost Souls
11. It Don’t Matter
12. On The Hood
13. Time Of Your Life
14. Wicked Come Winter