MAMBO KURT – “King Of Heimorgel”

Aug 6th, 2010

Medium / Titel: CD / “King Of Heimorgel”
Release date: 06.08.2010
Label: Wacken Records / SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution


The man on the home organ got famous especially with the help of the world’s biggest Heavy Metal festival – the Wacken Open Air. Throughout every year he fascinates the Heavy Metal masses with his independent and unique cover versions of Heavy Metal and Pop classics.

Punctual for this years W:O:A (Friday, 6th August) Wacken Records / SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution will release the new studio album “King Of Heimorgel” of MAMBO KURT. The whole record stands in the name of  “back to the roots”, like you know it from the 1999 album “The Return Of Alleinunterhalter”: one man, one microphone, one home organ and one multitrack recording machine. The organ god says: “No samples, no computers. The organ forces me to my style to interpret the songs. I would love to meet the japanese programmer who recorded the Drums at the end of the 70s.”

Also “back to the roots” is the return of organ teacher Heidi Schulz, who plays again two songs and contributes unique lead vocals at the song “Rhythm Of A Dancer”.

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