Last Train Home – “Last Good Kiss”

Sep 17th, 2007

Band: Last Train Home
Title: CD / “Last Good Kiss”
Release Date: September 17th, 2007
Corazong / Soulfood

Last Train Home have been formed ten years ago in Washington D.C., as an additional occupation at the side of the day-to-day job, family and other projects. However, in the last decade, Last Train Home became an interationally succesful band, which has been touring non-stop through the States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and many other countries. When it all started, band leader Eric Brace quit his job as a music journalist for the Washington Post, bought a campervan, and just went straight on. Drummer Martin Lynds and bass guitarist Jim Gray followed him. Together, the trio went from D.C. to Nashville, where they picked up Steve Wedemeyer as a guitarist (Texas), who brought keyboarder Jen Gunderman with him (former Jayhawks). Altogether with Kevin Cordt (playing the trumpet), the enthusiastic musicians toured through the USA and worked on new songs which one can now listen to on the new album, „Last Good Kiss“.  This fifth release of the band definitely is the up-to-date peak of this band!