Sep 14th, 2007

CD / “Cover Their Eyes”
Release date: September 14th, 2007
Corazong / Soulfood

“Mudshow” is the name of the first album of the exceptionless artist Krista Detor, and treats the story of a travelling circus, with all it’s surroundings. Now, the second CD is in the starting blocks, which is called “Cover their eyes”, and tells an incredibly enthralling story, filled with brilliant music and provocative lyrics. The genre-frontiers are widened, but she never loses the lyrical guideline.

“Cover their eyes” treats the musical peculiarities of all places Krista Detor has visited, for example the South and Middle West of the USA as well as Europe, which are all places that clearly distinguish themselves from her hometown. She neatly interweaves these cultural influences and creates a sensitive and intense cloth of stories on time and experience.

This album is a true piece of jewellery (not only for singer/songwriter gourmets) and proves once again the ouststanding skills of Krista Detor and her partner David Weber, who is the producer of this CD at the same time.

In October and November 2007, Krista will be on tour, and fans in Germany will have the possibility to see her – a detailed plan will be put online soon. Plannings for a second tour across Europe have already started, which will start in fall 2008!