Nov 28th, 2008

Band: Kinetik Control
Medium / Titel: CD / “Lack of Divine Inspiration”
VÖ: 28.11.2008
Label: SAOL / H’art

As far as the history of this Finnish band is concerned, it sounds almost like a standard version of a biography: Two people (or more) meet each other, have the same interests and therefore found a band. That´s exactly the way it has happenened to KINETIK CONTROL, a band which creates melancholic landscapes by their mix of electronic music and harsh metal sounds.

As far as the saying “Opposites attract” is concerned, you may also draw parallels to KINETIK CONTROL, because Tweak and Dexter couldn´t be more different: Although they have completely differing social and spiritual backgrounds and although they are two creative individualists, they are banded together on a strong and almost mystical level by now.

Despite these extremes, both guys and their mates manage to create a kind of music which is homogeneous, although they mix electronic, pop and metal music. Mostly by Tweak´s vocal style one is often reminded of Depeche Mode.

So enter the world of KINETIK CONTROL and get fascinated by their electronic metal.