Jimmy Cornett – “Rythm Of Hells, Songs Of Angels History”

Jun 15th, 2007

Band: Jimmy Cornett
Title: CD / “Rythm Of Hells, Songs Of Angels History”
Release Date: June 15th, 2007
Politur / H´art

Jimmy Cornett is one of the very few young songwriters who is looking for experience on the road with no direction home, and a musician, who can close the gap between yesterday and nowadays without using cheap and commercial show effects on stage.

Affected by the living and singing in english Rocker-Pubs, on festivals in France, scandinavian Biker-shows, country-round-ups in Vegas and shabby roadhouses of Montevideo, he is the living proof of old-school experience, which has been engraved into his soul like a tattoo. Love and ecstasy, pain and mourning are the cornerstones of his restless street of music.

The voice of Cornett definitely is a voice which can hardly be compared to other voices. From harmonic to empathtical to relentlessly raw singing, he can easily put together a delirium of acoustic emotions. His honesty and readiness to assume a risk may be like playing with fire for many – for them, he is too close to the uncontrollable. But there are many, too, who love and accept him especially for these attributes.

Many facets of his life can be found in the songs of „Rhythms Of Hells, Songs Of Angels History“, and give the music an unbelievable authentic appraisal of what he has experienced in life.