Jean Paul Rena & Terrawheel – “Can’t Be Satisfied”

Jun 8th, 2007

Band: Jean Paul Rena & Terrawheel
Title: CD / Can’t Be Satisfied
Release Date: June 8th, 2007
Corazong / Soulfood

As a singer as well as an instrumentalist has Jean-Paul Rena improved and refined his talent a lot, and has had a lot of success with his debut album “Introducing…”, which has been released on Corazong. His new production “Can’t Be Satisfied” is ready for being released in the spring of 2007. The sound is original, raw, rough, straight-lined, uncomplicated, primitive, back to the roots, honest and full of power. One cannot suppress the will to move one’s bones, to sing along and to enjoy this kind of music. One feels like turning up the volume to “max”, like dancing around and playing the „air guitar“ so hard that the strings rip – Rock ‘n’ Roll and Boogie & Woogie ’til hell is burning!

Jean-Paul Rena is another link in the “Crazy Mississippi White-Boy Chain of Music”-chain, which goes back to Elvis Presley and Jimmie Rodgers – the long tradition of white musicians that make “black” music, having a strong influence on both sides of the culture. A white boogieman, born into a family of artists – his father is a modern painter…

A huge man from Den Haag, more than 6-foot-6 tall, 250 pounds live weight, hands like T-bone Steaks, and music that sounds like the stuff you hear in the pubs in northern Mississippi, sounding from gone to seed, backwards wired up stone age amps. A prototype brute, born and raised at the western coast of Holland, from where he couldn`t even see the roof-tip of Mississippi’s numerous pubs – but exactly in those places one will recognize his voice and his evil guitar, as one of them, at home in the Greater Mississippi Delta, in Hopson’s Plantation, in the Shack-Up Inn, in the Ground Zero Club. And when Jean-Paul, the caveman, leaves the Delta-Blues (and that does happen, when he is travelling through different areas of the musical countryside), then he will be back soon, back at home, where the fire of Blues and Rock ‘n Roll is burning.