Jan 30th, 2009

Band: JANE
Medium / Title: CD / “Proceed With Memories”
Release Date: 30.01.2009
Label: SAOL / H’art

When JANE made their debut in Hannover on 5th December 1970 no-one guessed that this formation would become one of the most successful and well-known rock acts in Germany. The melodious rock of JANE is part of the German history of rock music.

The band was founded with the following members: Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Charly Maucher and Klaus Hess. Various reshuffles not only entailed new musicians for the band but also enriched the musical diversity. Until today 16 studio albums as well as 3 live CDs were produced of which the “JANE Live” CD reached gold status. Good chart positions, not only in Germany, followed. In Switzerland JANE was #1 in the charts for weeks, ahead of the already very successful Pink Floyd. More than 2 million sold records and extensive tours throughout Europe and New Zealand clearly show the popularity of the band.

After the death of the most important and most influential member of the group, Peter Panka, last summer who was the voice as well as the drummer of the band, his friend and co-musician for more than 30 years original member Werner decided to continue with the band as Werner Nadolnys JANE according to Peter’s liking. The CD “Proceed With Memories…” which will be released in January 2009 is therefore his very personal farewell to his former companion.

Nowadays, JANE are a matured rock band, and with a modern sound and an up-to-date show they tie in with their previous success without losing sight of the 70s. The new CD “Proceed With Memories…” clearly shows their enthusiasm and their earthy directness without denying their background. The guys from Hannover offer a broad spectrum of good German rock music ranging from sensible ballads to melancholic rock anthems.