Havanna Heat Club – “Specially made for your satisfaction”

Nov 14th, 2008

Band: Havanna Heat Club
Medium / Title: CD / “Specially made for your satisfaction”
Release Date: 14.11.2008
Label: ICS Records / SAOL / H´Art

Founded in June 2000 and named after some super-8 porn of the 70s, HCC gives you the full load of highspeed rock’n'roll – loud, filthy and positively aggressive.

The devil (and what a devil that is!) is in the detail – meaning that if you listen and look carefully you will understand just how exceptional these four guys from Berlin are. While most of their colleagues waste their time in front of the mirror just to subsequently produce musical blueprints, the CLUB are focused on the essential – accordingly, the song material is indeed catchy but also complex and of a strong character at the same time -  punkrock’n'roll hits inspired by AC/DC – Motörhead to viciously groovy deep-mouthed stoner songs.

Last but not least it is the dynamic and sweeping appearance of the band which makes their gigs a real blast – eg as support for Rose Gluecifer, Peepshows, Nebula, Supersuckers, Zodiac Mindwarp, Mad Sin, Bones und Sodom!

In June and July this year HHC also played some successful support gigs for Australian cult rockers Rose Tattoo. However, highlight of the year will be the release of their second album „Specially Made For Your Satisfaction“ by Wacken Records on 28. November! Cheers!