HALFORD – “Live at Rock in Rio”

Nov 7th, 2008

Band: Halford
Title: DVD / “Live at Rock in Rio”
Release Date: 07.11.2008
Label: Metal God Entertainment

There are plenty of reasons why Rob Halford is widely referred to as ‘The Metal God’, as few others have contributed as much to the sound and imagery of what is now a very robust Metal music community.  After leading Judas Priest for nineteen years, Rob Halford formed FIGHT by summer 1992, a powerful, dynamic group that introduced a new, cutting-edge sound for the Metal genre, before finally founding his own band HALFORD.

On 17th October there will be a new HALFORD release:

- “Live At Rock In Rio III” as 5.1 dvd. 13 cameras were directed towards metal’s most diverse band of the decade, when the Metal God delivered one of his best live performances in front of two-hundred thousand+ Brazilians, with songs of his current band HALFORD as well as songs of JUDAS PRIEST and FIGHT. As a bonus it features a docu about the realisation of his debut album „Ressurection“.

This album is included in this digipak-release as a bonus cd in remastered form and will include the two new songs „God Bringer Of Death“ and „Fetish“.