GIRI – “Giri”

May 12th, 2006

Artist: GIRI
Media / Title: CD / “Giri”
Release: 12.05.2006
Label: Roasting House/ ZYX

When he was a little child, Andreas got adopted and came to Sweden. The young musician who, besides sitar, also plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, made his first band experiences in Ekilstuna, a little township west of Stockholm. He sang with lokal acts like Superswirls, Yvonne and Dinah-Moe Humm – with the latter he released an album in 2001 , but the band split one year later. Since then, Giri successfully focuses on his own career: in the end of April he releases his debut album “Giri”, containing 12 songs, which are as solitary as catchy – a refreshing variety.

Giri’s style can be described as guitar orientated Rock music, flavoured with lively sitar sounds from Sri Lanka and outstanding Keyboard sounds – Rock tunes on the one hand, Pop quality on the other and definitely rousing. Responsible for the sound of the first single cut “Do It” was Ronald Bood, who also produced Mando Diao and Sugar Plum Fairy, whereas all other songs were mixed by Pontus Frisk (Eskobar, Dilba).The studio album was produced by Hasse Sjölander and Andreas Giri himself.