ELA – “Make My Day”

May 8th, 2009

Band: ELA
Medium / Title: “Make My Day”
Release: 08.05.2009
Label: RockUp/ZYX

Already in the time when ELA was a child, she knew what she wants to do in the future: music! But after finishing school she decided to start a vocational training in the family business. In spite of her great graduation ELA didn’t feel good in her situation. She yearned for music and remebered herself to the praise of her vocal coach. On the new years day in 2000 she decided to change her career and direct her way more into music.

After many vocalsessions she found her frirst band (Com`Nrail) and bandmates in 2001 and started to write songs and to play gigs. In 2003 the first three songs were recorded, titled “Sky”, “I Knew The Way” and “Teenage Superstar”. The lastone was permanently in the rotation of different radio stations for several weeks. In 2004 her debut “Out Of My Universe” had been released.

The following years the band was invited to go on tour with Chris Norman, because he had heard of Com`Nrail in a radio promotiontour. The tour was followed by different performences as supportact for artists like Bonnie Tylor, Bonfire, Doro and Mothers Finest.

Though everything worked pretty well, ELA decided to work on her solo career in order to grow musically. In the summer of  2007 she went to the studio to record her first Solo-EP called “After The Rain” which should have been released a few months later.

Meanwhile she had discovered MySpace. ELA supervises the website personally and during a few weeks she already aimed 70.000 clicks. Her EP kindled the interest of a film producer as well and so she put her music at the disposal for a thriller.

In June of the following year first the single “Littele Lies” suited, then a month later her debutalbum “Passion” was released – listening to it, it’ll take your breathe away and you’ll ask yourself, why nobody ever heared of ELA before. Great melodies and heartbursting compositions are to be found on the album “Passion”.

This year her second album “Make My Day” appeared, which shows everybody the unique qualities of ELA. Emotional ballades and Hard-Rock stiled singles create a good mixture for the listeners.

Once again guitar-legend J.R. Blackmore efforts a perfect sound atmosphere for ELA’s voice.