May 22nd, 2009

Band: Dead Means Nothing
Medium / Titel: CD / “Nothing of Divinity”
VÖ: 22.05.2009
Label: SAOL / H’art

DEAD MEANS NOTHING wouldn´t exist, if Mickey Rude didn´t had a motorcycle accident in 1996. He had to change from drums to guitar and got to know drummer Django (who used to play for Marionetz, Freaky Fukin´ Weirdoz, Melody Lee, StormHammer) at an audition. Together they arranged the first songs and then met bassist Marc O´Caine in 1998 (Bombers From Burundi, Intoxicate, Dollsquad) with whom they recorded their first album “Make It Evil”. The songs represented the style of Speed-Thrash-Rock´n´Roll and the band played them on numerous concerts before they split in 1999.

In the end of 2006 the band reunited in order to rock the concert halls and to let the ears bleed. They went into the studio and wanted to record a dirtier kind of rock´n´roll album. Marc was replaced by Holger K. (Egotone, Born Forlorn) in late 2007.

Soon they will be on the road, ready to enter the stage bringing along their new album “Nothing Of Devinity”.

So save your Daughterz: DEAD MEANS NOTHING is back in Town…  in May 2009