CRACK O DAWN – “Gods Of Insane”

Jun 16th, 2010

Medium / Titel: CD / “Gods Of Insane”
Release Date: 11.06.2010
Label: SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution

This album is unbelievable. Like a good death metal orgy it starts with a atmospheric dark intro and doesn’t stop developing. Surely there are brute and modern metal tendencies, but it is the variety of ingredients that makes this CD special. It is made by people who experienced and internalized all brutal aspects of metal. Do you remember good old Jingo de Lunch? Their funky groove? Or Gunjah? You want back things like that but not abandon this low-fusing lava sounds and a ride on perfect thrash riffs? It is possible! “Gods Insane” includes a wonderful meltdown of heavy, thrash, old school death and this modern American pumper sound which generated nu metal. The guitar swirls, pumps, grooves and reminds first of Machine Head, then Entombed on a Death’n’Roll mission and then Black Label Society. The vocals are clear and to the point – regardless of whether sung melodically, shouted or growled masterful. This is the high art of metal refinement: no random mixing but a lot of experience, skills and knowledge. And you can hear it!
A great album to hear loud!

By the way, apart from Ralf Scheepers even Yvonne Ducksworth from JINGO DE LUNCH did her bit on this album. If that is no big compliment for the 4 guys from Berlin…!