Channel Eight – “First They Bite Than They Bark”

Jun 15th, 2007

Band: Channel Eight
Title: CD / “First They Bite Than They Bark”
Release Date: June 15th, 2007
Pool Distribution

The sound of their energetic guitars will put a smile on every rock fan’s face. Philipp Randt (guitar & vocals), Benjamin Niediek (guitar & vocals), Gerrit Bartelheimer (bass guitar) and Philipp Ehlert (drums) have started making music ten years ago, and simply wanted to fortify their friendship with a CD. These guys are the living proof that four friends being together in a band not necessarily has to be a fairy tale.

Before, the band released the 5-track-EP „Burn Down Your House“, which had been recorded and produced in the Wasteclub Studios, as well as two radio edits for the radio station Hertz 87.9, which were in constant rotation for several months in their Top 30 charts. The first radio interviews had to be done shortly afterwards, followed by a live broadcast of an unplugged-concert of the band in a local TV program of Bielefeld. The release of their song “Cliché” on numerous samplers gave proof for the quality of their music, and also let them play support-gigs for renowned bands like “GEM”, “We are Scientists” and “Kain”.

Channel Eight play honest music for fun’s sake, for the anger, hope, mourning and for all those, who think that music is just as important themselves.