BURNAVENTURA – “Ansage / Seelenklang”

Sep 4th, 2006

Media / Title: CD / “Ansage / Seelenklang”
Release: 04.09.2006
Label: Easy Play Records / Pool Distribution

The singer BURNAVENTURA releases his first regular album “Ansage/Seelenklang”. One can expect from the double title that this is not just a “normal” album.

The music on this album is a mixture of rock, pop, hip hop, soul and blues. It is not easy to classify because every track is different… and this is what makes the album so interesting!

On CD one “Ansage” you will mainly find rock- and hip hop-orientated tracks. The texts deal among other things with sociocritical topics (“Hast Du Keine Seele” or “Diese Stadt. Dieses Land”).
On CD two “Seelenklang” the singer becomes very personal. Most of the tracks are acoustic songs. The texts are very honest without being trashy.