BETTER TOMORROW – Home Is Where Your Heart Is

May 22nd, 2011

Better Tomorrow CMMBand: BETTER TOMORROW
Medium / Titel: CD / “Home Is Where Your Heart Is”
VÖ: 24.06.2011
Label: SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution

The German rock/pop band “Better Tomorrow” was founded in 2009. After first media successes, such as the placement of a song as the opener of a TV daily format, and some interviews on various radio  stations,  Sebastian  Jäger,  Julian  Eitel  and Markus Jäger visited the studio to record 12 new songs. Singer, guitarist and frontman Sebastian remembers many sleepless nights on the hard-edge studio couch.  “At  some  point  you  don’t  even  care  whether  you  lie  down  in  a  fluffy  bed  or  on  a  bed  of nails!” Although the guys are from Germany, they have dedicated themselves to the English language. “For a single, short moment, we were unsure, whether to sing in German or in English, ” says Julian, the  bassist of the band. “An energy drink, which provided the name for one of our tracks, answered that question quickly. It just felt right.” The album “home is where your heart is” holds contemporary, varied rock music with depth. One should better look at the whole thing to understand “Better Tomorrow” completely. The digipack version comes along with great attention to detail, thanks mainly to Markus. “Even if it’s just a single pixel that seems wrong – you better sit there working ’til it fits.”, says Markus, who in addition to his work as drummer of the band has completed his degree in design. The contacts of the band are far reaching. So it is not surprising that they are now working on their 3rd music video and have already released two videos previously – all self-directed and using the skills of many friends. “We  did  not  start,  to  do  things  by half-measures.  Within  our  possibilities  we  work  110%.”  says Sebastian. All members of “Better Tomorrow ” agree with that.