Amanda Somerville – Windows

May 8th, 2008

AMANDA SOMERVILLE CMMBand: Amanda Somerville
Medium / Titel: CD / “Windows”
VÖ: 08.05.2009
Label: SAOL/H´Art

With her first solo record called “Windows” , Singer / Songwriter Amanda Somerville steps out of the dark side of metal into lightfull terrain.

There are two things which coming in your mind, if you here about an album from Amanda Somerville which is called “Windows”:

a)       It has got something to do with Bill Gates or

b)       The music style of the album is about european Symphonic Heavy Metal


Well, both assumptions will get a big NO!!!!


After she became pretty famous because of cooperations with european metalacts like Epica, Kamelot and Avantasia, with the 12 songs on “Windows” the young lady from Michigan goes back to her musical roots of alternative pop / rock. The fans of Amandas metal-projects won`t be very surprised because of the new genre. „Well,I guess it`s not a surprise that I am not the die-hard metalqueen people guess I am. I always said in interviews before that I am more a Pop / Rock artist. And most of the Fans will forgive me!“, she laughs.


She continues that the new album was heartwork wich needed a long growing process. „“Windows“ was made in about five years, because I spend a lot of time with other bands in the studio. This is why the songs are so multifarious. I was pretty influenced by the metal music at that period and I developed my style a lot. . A few songs are at the edge of metal but I guess I am multilateral and on the album you can here 100 % of myself.“

You can here earcatchers like „Mayday“ and „Point Of Save Return“ which are shifted with european-influenced keys, loops and guitars. The listener will be remembered to Dio, Annie Lennox and actually Kelly Clarkson. Also Somerville retains to smooth parts with some scary sound-walls like „Get Me“ and „Carnival“. Finally the journey calms down and starts to solace with the peter gabriel sounding ballad “All That I Am” and with the maintrack “Windows” (a bit like Enya).


No matter how big the prospects on a young singer from te metal scene is, with “Windows” you will get great moments and surprises.

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