BELTEZ – “Tod: Part 1″

Jul 31st, 2013

Title: “Tod: Part 1″
Style: Black Metal
Medium: CD
Label: Bret Hard Records / SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution
Cataloguenumber: SAOL 134
Barcode: 4260177741342
Release: 15. November 2013


01. Das schwarze Grab
02. Selbstmord
03. Endzeit
04. Nagelfar
05. Zu den Sternen blickend
06. Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland (SLIME Cover)


Gezuecht – Vocals
Dod – Guitar, Vocals
Flagg – Bass
Herr Tod – Drums


Sharp tongues may allege that the German Underground has fallen into deep sleep when it comes to real Black Metal. Even the copy’s copy has finally slain itself and nobody seems to be able to break new ground anymore. But sometimes… when old and throughout the dark catacombs of oblivion well known heroes arise from the depth of the past… it’s worth to pay attention…

BELTEZ, founded in 2002 and an absolute guarantor for uncompromising, impulsive Black Metal even during their early days, mark their return with a nine year (!) lateness and are coming up with „Der Tod: Part I“ in later 2013 – a raging masterpiece of hard and intensively emotional work.

Dod, founder and songwriter of BELTEZ, on this second recording which has already been announced many years ago: „There was a time when we recognized that Black Metal mustn’t be seen as a fraction of time or as a 45 minute snap-shot of a phase in songwriting by a specific constellation of beings. We wanted to craft a piece which takes itself time. Time to find and elaborate a subject that bonds you, that pressurizes you and that just cords up your throat only by thinking about it. In this case we agreed to the most obvious theme: death. Since hundreds and thousands of years death is associated with darkness and depression, nevertheless fascinating or even romantic. During our exposure of related feelings and the collection of first lyrics and catchwords suddenly one thing fell into place: those words we were about to publish surrounded by our music would never penetrate the core of this whole subject. Death in no culture is something like a meticulously planned happening which can just be summoned. It steps into your life and it takes selfsame spontaneously. It changes your life from one to another moment, hits you with an incomparable impact. This single moment was tried to be caught – by our music in the first step. We decided to develop these songs as life went on in between and added really personal notes to them over these years. Just in the moment of accomplishment we recorded the vocals, that spontaneously spawned in mind while thinking of all these years, feelings, happenings. No previously written lyrics, just the sparkling essence of pure emotion. That became, as we know today, our personal definition of real Black Metal.“

Nothing more to add here. BELTEZ risk a both artistic and audacious experiment and arrestingly return with this essential piece of Black Metal after eleven years.

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