Striker – “Striker”

Jan 11th, 2017

Band: Striker  
Titel: Striker
Genre: Metal
Format: CD
Label: SAOL / Record Breaking Records
: 24.02.2017

Vocals: Dan Cleary
Giutars: Tim Brown
Bass: William Wallace
Drums: Adam Brown

1. Former Glory
2. Pass Me By
3. Born To Lose
4. Cheating Death
5. Shadows in the Light
6. Rock the Night
7. Over the Top
8. Freedom’s Call
9. Curse of the Dead
10. Desire

Riding high on the success of their own independent label,​ Record Breaking Records​, Striker is the​ fastest growing metal band out of Canada. Their fifth album, eponymously titled Striker, is a lethal force cut from the former glory of all things heavy metal. Striker is out for blood with this album, with high profile tours across the globe, a host of new partners, and a growing fan base; there are no breaks on this train. Listeners are locked into Striker’s growing circle pit of melodies that are more catchy than the plague, musicianship more mind blowing than a .50 calibre bullet between the eyes, and live performances with so much energy youcould power an aircraft carrier.​ Full speed or no speed​ is the motto to live by, and going absolutely over the top is the only thing Striker knows.
Striker will be on tour in the United States ​from January 15 to February 15 to go with the pre-order campaign for the new album as well as​ direct support for Sonata Arctica in Europe from February 20 to April 10, with more tours to be announced shortly. Promotional partners include CMM/SAOL, Freeman Promotions, Asher Media Relations, Skateboard Marketing, Maric Media, Strong Coffee, and Adster, with a quickly growing list of additional partners across the globe.

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