Larceny – “Into Darkness”

Mar 24th, 2015

Band: Larceny
Title: Into Darkness
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Format: CD
Label: SAOL
Cat.No.: SAOL 161
EANcode: 4260177741618
Release: 30.04.2015

Oliver Gaupp – Vocals & Guitars
Andreas Augat – Lead Guitars
Conny Ott – Keys
Lukas Frankenhauser – Bass
Dennis Siebert – Drums

01. Intro
02. Detour To Hell
03. Afterlife
04. Into Darkness
05. No Surrender
06. Limbus
07. Hold The Last Light
08. I Will Rise
09. Gunpowder Night
10. My Fall
11. End Of Lies

The metal band Larceny arose back in 2004 in a small village of Southern Germany, whose inhabitants rather gather in front of rehearsal rooms and call for garage concerts instead of complaining about the noise.

Within the ten year long band history, Larceny have always progressed musicwise. Not only their songs became more complex, they also chose a more aggressive approach for their vocal style. Whereas the first demo was recorded with a female leadsinger, guitarist Oli Gaupp soon added screams, shouts and growls as a gloomy contrast.

After Larceny parted ways with their female singer in September 2013, he then undertook all vocal parts. This unexpected twist opened the path to creative darkness once and for all and was first manifested in their digital EP “Gunpowder Night”, where you can solely hear the sinister and jangling voice of the guitarist.

Although Larceny can be referred to as melodic death metal these days, they consistently break with this musical cosmos and let the listeners feel their blackened coldness as well. With this glowering mixture, that doesn’t even spare thrash metal influences, Larceny already generated buzz along with bands like Axxis, Ektomorf, Palace and many others.

Now, the second official album “Into Darkness” reflects exactly the band’s chosen path with eleven grim compositions. Like “My Fall”, it was recorded together with producer Achim Lindermeir at R.E.D.-studio and will see the light of day in April 2015 via SAOL.

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