RISE TO REMAIN trennen sich von Basser und Drumer – *Bandstatement vorhanden*

Jan 11th, 2012

RISE TO REMAIN CMM PROMOTIONRISE TO REMAIN, die Metalcore-Band um Bruce Dickinsons Sohn Austin Dickinson, trennt sich von Bassist Joe Copcutt und Drummer Pat Lundy. Im März tourt die Band zusammen mit HEAVEN SHALL BURN durch Deutschland.

Zu der Trennung hat Austin Dickinson auf der Bandhomepage folgendes Statement abgegeben:

“Hey guys, as you’ve probably heard we’ve parted ways with Pat and Joe. It’s very sad that things didn’t work out between us, but they are great guys and all of us wish them the absolute best in their futures.

As an unfortunate result, we’ve had to pull out of our debut US tour supporting Machine Head, and our album release date is now June 5th for North America. We apologise to all our stateside fans for this cancellation, we did not want to let you guys down, as this is obviously sudden news. However, we will be including four brand new and exclusive tracks on our US release of City Of Vultures, and we have got many more new and exciting things to announce over the coming weeks. We are in the audition process right now, and we are very much looking onwards and upwards.

Please say a collective thanks to Joe and Pat for everything they did in Rise, they are great dudes and they will go far in whatever they choose to do next. See you all in March for some mayhem, and thank you for everything,

All our love,


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