Feb 7th, 2007

W.A.S.P. found a new home at Demolition Records and propably release their newstudio album “Dominator” on april 27th. Frontman Blackie Lawless says about the concept:”Itis based on the idea of Western imperialism and about what’s wrong with Washington D.C. It’s important that people understand this is not about the American people and it is not a critique on the American people — it is a critique on the government in the United States. If someone looks at the lyrics of “Dominator”, they’ll think it’s a man talking to a woman. And I like the interesting concept of that because that’s what bigger countries do to smaller countries — they toss them like they’re their bitch.”
So we may look forward to songs like “Mercy”, “Take me up”, “Heaven´s Hung In Black”, “Heaven´s Blessed”, “Long Long Way To Go” and “Teacher”.
Furthermore W.A.S.P. come to Germany for two festival gigs this year (see tour dates).