Venom, In Extremo, Amorphis and others: What do bands think of the plans for RockZone?

Feb 11th, 2015

Let’s be real here: Rock and metal are things that Video and Demand and TV just plain don’t do. And it’s not for want of an audience, clearly – it’s the arena that’s lacking. If you want to know more about our strife to establish a place like that, check out the intro to RockZone in our last newsletter.

Now, just a few weeks before our Indiegogo fundraiser goes live (Feb 20th 2015!), RockZone set sail aboard the 70.000Tons Of Metal cruise. A perfect chance to talk to artists and fans about our startup!

Here’s what people had to say about RockZone’s vision to provide a long needed platform for rock and metal:

“I think one of the really great things about it is, that the internet is opening up new ways of doing things. And new ways to reach the people.
(Tuomas Rounakari, KORPIKLAANI)

“Spreading videos online is a really good way to get your music distributed. It really doesn’t matter where you live! If you have a computer, you can watch your
favorite bands’ videos.”
(Esa Holopainen, AMORPHIS)

“There’s lots of channels.. stuff like YouTube comes to mind, but maybe it’s time to create a platform just for heavy metal and rock in the near future.”
(Michael Robert Rhein, IN EXTREMO)

“There isn’t a lot of platforms out there for this type of music. The more video stations become available for people to access this type of music the better. RockZone, that would be awesome for a lot of bands to play all their videos.”
(Cronos, VENOM)


RockZone Community:

A sense of community, a network, the “us” – it’s a crucial part of being a metalhead: We are the foundation the scene is built on, making this world a village. And as our talks about RockZone and its goals showed time and again, it’s also something artists really care about. Korpiklaani’s Tuomas Rounakari even thinks of taking it a step further, expanding the community RockZone wants to create beyond fan-based interaction in a way that allows bands to get involved as well:

“I think we should really start to look for the ways how bands and the fans could be interacting in a new way, that would still kind of feel natural for both ends.”
(Tuomas Rounakari, KORPIKLAANI)

“There’s this whole communal aspect to metal that I feel really connected to. Most people are just having a good time. It’s more like a big family.”
(Michael Robert Rhein, IN EXTREMO)

“I think there is a lot of fans out there who are accessing this through social media. I just think the more the merrier, for metal you know.”
(Cronos, VENOM)


Fair licensing to make video production profitable again:

Video on Demand is a burgeoning field right now, in Germany and internationally. But so far it seems that old school rock as well as metal in all its shapes and forms are lagging behind. For us fans, a flat-rate subscription to your garden variety music service usually isn’t worth its salt, and artists and their labels are often left empty-handed by grass roots postings on platforms like YouTube:

“The whole business is changing so fast, that no one knows where we are gonna be in 5 years. Because as a musician it doesn’t feel natural to be asking for money, be out there begging. That’s not why we are here.”
(Tuomas Rounakari, KORPIKLAANI)

That’s the thing: Why should content creators invest in expensive productions when this means forcing annoying ads on their fans on third party platforms? And all because they’re getting the short end of the royalties stick, trying to make ends meet with meager ad revenue? Uncertainty in the face of a volatile music market and a worried look into the future are reality for many artists. A dedicated Video on Demand solution just seems simpler and more reliable. With enough people participating, the monthly subscription fee can be way below the cost of an averagely priced print magazine! In return you’ll get unlimited access to festivals, concerts, documentaries, behind-the-scenes material, clips and a whole lot more – plus the chance to participate in the making of a platform. We truly think that this complements magazines in an ideal way – not to mention the divine albums themselves. Netflix started out as a streaming service and now ranks among the world’s best content producers. Who knows where this journey will take us? It’s safe to say that Hollywood is an easy match for the metal scene’s creative potential…


By fans for fans: A service from the basis:

RockZone’s unique approach of getting long-time fans of the genre to start a Video on Demand platform for rock and metal is already getting people excited. Peavy Wagner, ex-Rage and mastermind behind Refuge is one of them:

“To me, heavy metal is one of the rare music scenes which comes straight from the heart. It’s not about superficialities. It’s about the feeling, about honesty. About truth, somehow. It’s not pretend like it is in many other scenes. In heavy metal, being honest and dependable is what counts… loyalty as well, I think. It’s fundamental human values like these that this kind of music speaks to and connects with.”
(Peavy Wagner, Ex-RAGE, REFUGE)

And he’s absolutely right: The only way to understand how rock and metal work is to be a part of it. If you can’t do that, this might not be the right place for you.

Any wishes, suggestions, questions? Get in touch! Help us bring rock and metal back to the screens, let’s make this an open discussion!

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