TXL offer free download EP “Cover den Scheiss” (engl.: “cover that shit”)! + New Video!

May 20th, 2014

TXL "Cover den Scheiss" EP Cover The band, consisting of Ricky, Schulle and Halid (probably the first german rock singing Rock’n'Roll Turk), was founded in 2011 and released their first record called “Angst” (engl.: “fear”) in 2013. Having played only one single show before, the band wasd discovered by Kevin Russel, singer of german rockers BÖHSE ONKELZ. He invited TXL as a support act for two shows in Berlin with his new band VERITAS MAXIMUS. TXL did so well, that Russel also hired them for the remaining five shows.

To shorten the waiting for their upcoming new album, TXL decided, inspired by METALLICA’s “Garage Inc.”, to record the songs, that the band used to play in their rehearsal room as a warm up.

The following songs can be found on the “Cover den Scheiss”-EP, that can be downloaded here :

1. Alkohol (Herbert Grönemeyer)
2. Goldener Reiter (Joachim Witt)
3. Wenn die Stummen reden würden (Peter Maffay)
4. König von Deutschland (Rio Reiser)
5. Du hast (Rammstein)
6. Mit 18 (Westernhagen)

Furthermore, the new musicvideo for their song “Scheiss drauf” (eng: “Fuck that”) will be released soon!
Keep your eyes and ears open, so you don’t miss it!

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