TSO announce Tour in early 2014

Sep 17th, 2013



Kicking off the new year with their first shows of 2014, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) will return to Europe with their own special brand of live concerts this winter to support the release of their new album “Tales of Winter” from Universal Records. After years of rave reviews, of their rock operas like Dead Winter Dead, Streets A Rock Opera and Poets and Madmen, Savatage & TSO masterminds Paul O’Neill and Jon Oliva can’t wait for their European fans to see and hear what 10 million concert attendees already can’t stop talking about.
TSO, whose phenomena has grown year after year, have played over 1,500 shows for more than 10 million fans in the past fifteen years, quietly becoming one of the United States biggest arena rock acts.

Now, they are preparing to bring to Europe a “Winter Tour” unlike anything fans have ever seen before. Highlighting founder Paul O’Neill’s vision of “Rock Theater,” TSO’s live show is the perfect amalgamation of Broadway storytelling and rock spectacle, mesmerizing audiences of all ages. The show will take you on a musical journey, fusing elements of rock, classical, folk, R&B, and theatrical styled music, while previewing pieces of their five, soon to be released, critically acclaimed rock operas. This winter tour promises to be a multi-sensory experience with cutting edge lighting, lasers and pyrotechnics that TSO has become known for, being regarded as a mix of The Who’s “Tommy”, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musicals, and Pink Floyd’s expansive light show.
“Tales of Winter” is a selection of songs from TSO’s famed rock opera’s Beethoven’s Last Night, Night Castle, Christmas Eve & Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, and The Lost Christmas Eve, which have collectively sold over 10 Million albums in the US alone. The heralded catalog of albums will soon be available to European fans for the first time, and the 2014 release of “Tales of Winter” promises to be a great introduction to the TSO experience.
While off the road, TSO has worked tirelessly to meet the ever-growing demand of their fans in the United States. Having already released two rock operas, a Christmas Trilogy of rock operas, and one holiday themed EP, TSO has been stockpiling new projects in their Rock Theater arsenal for the years to come. Already in the works are the rock operas “Gutter Ballet and the New York City Blues Express,” “Letters from the Labyrinth” and “Romanov: When Kings Must Whisper,” an epic story set amidst the Bolshevik Revolution, exemplifying TSO’s continuing growth and innovation in the rapidly changing music industry.
Since their debut in 1996 TSO has ranked in the Top 10 for both gross revenues and attendance year after year, according to Pollstar magazine. Having played live to over one million fans each year, TSO saw a 15% increase in sales alone in 2012, transforming them into a year round tradition that’s here to stay.
“Honestly we always hoped the band would be successful. After 15 years of touring we never dreamt we would be where we are today but the dedication and support of our fans has allowed this to happen,” reflects O’Neill. “As artists you always want everyone to like your work as much as possible but the only critic that really counts in the end are the fans and time.”

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