TRIVIUMs Matt Heafy on RTRs “City Of Vultures”

Dec 14th, 2011

RISE TO REMAIN CMM PROMOTIONTogehter they toured Germany and the UK during the last coulple of weeks, today TRIVIUMs singer and guitarrist Matt Heafy presents his “Top Ten Turmoil, Twenty Twelve”, also known as his favourite albums in 2011. Among big names like RAMMSTEIN, DREAM THEATRE and MACHINE HEAD, Matt named RISE TO REMAIMs “City Of Vultures” as one of his favorites. Have a look:

Rise To Remain – City Of Vultures

It is still hard to grasp the fact that there are bands out there that are influenced by the band I am in. I’ve known the Rise guys for years – and have had the honor to be able to watch them grow as people, musicians, a band – they’re truly coming into their own. Austin’s voice live gives me chills – his vocals have come such a long way since his early demo days that it’s an insane rate of growth. Their new album isn’t quite out yet in the USA (it is in Europe), but let me tell you – it is an amazing preview as to what this band will become in the years to come.

The musicality is fantastic, Ben should of existed in an 80’s-shred band like Racer X (Hell – he can keep up with those dudes easy, I’m sure), Pat is a drummer capable of anything technically – but hearing him lay back into simplicity when it calls for it, really creates an impact. The songs are really something special – heavy, catchy; very now.

These guys are the future of metal – and City is a fantastic promise of great things to come.”


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