TRIBE – Pray For Calm… Need The Chaos

Feb 18th, 2009

Tribe are unique in the sense they follow no rules with their brand of music, there is no hidden agenda, or predisposition to sound like the latest thing.

Instead of sticking to the usual music route of passage the band elected to try a new approach, by first making their music
available to the online public, to let them decide…and so far this decision has proved to be a masterstroke.

Since the launch of tribe the band have gained a loyal fanbase of over thirty five thousand fans worldwide on thier MySpace page alone, and the numbers are growing…

Tribe’s debut album “Pray For Calm..Need The Chaos” was engineered & mixed by one of the best rock/metal producers in the world, Sascha Paeth
“Pray” is already gaining the plaudits both in the rock press and from some of metal’s true legends.. Bruce Dickinson, Tobias Sammet & Saxon (whom the band recently appeared with) all speak very highly of the uk based band.