The LoveCrave – Soul Saliva

Feb 17th, 2010

The LoveCrave are back with a brand new album, “SOUL SALIVA”, a masterpiece of original modern rock with great personality and awesome songwriting which will be released on May 14th.

After 3 years of hard work on the production the band is ready to take a higher flight with their original bursting sound that got much more compact, powerful and mature through the years, thanks to the tours, the festivals and the friendship that binds the musicians together in a very solid way.
With “SOUL SALIVA” The LoveCrave will show that no other band sounds like them and will bring you into their world like a hurricane!
Get ready to bleed with rough hard rock riffs and get ready to cry  with magic sounds hanging from the sky, all of this  is “SOUL SALIVA” !… deep, modern, angry …and rock!
A real must in your cd collection and into your heart.