Jul 16th, 2009

The roaring sounds of vintage metal are on display throughout ‘Hafnium’ – the third release overall by the Pennsylvania-based outfit, Slik Helvetika. “Hf/Hafnium is a periodic element of science that has some unique characteristics regarding molecular structure and occasional radioactivity and sorts of morphing states,” explains Slik Helvetika’s singer/guitarist Mikhall Myers.

“Hafnium” will be released on 16th October 2009 at SAOL / H´Art in Europe

“It’s discovery, existence and properties that stirred Albert Einstein and top scientists to start thinking about alternate universes and arguably even life and death states, and eventually questioning, “What is time?” It also tied in with the overwhelming feelings I felt when I lost my father – which is what the title track is about. It seemed as though his energies were within me even more so than when he was alive, and that the mark we leave on time and space never really goes away. So, do we really go away, or are we still existing within each moment individually and situations we created in our consciousness as we know it? Is that what a ghost is? What is God? Do we really die or are we still existing in a different plane of consciousness and is this what religion calls heaven? How’s that for a heavy element?!”

While Myers is the group’s undisputed leader, he is joined in the band by two other rock steady musicians, bassist Kjell Benner and drummer Mark Bennett, both of which provide a killer rhythm section to Myers’ red hot guitar work. Myers: “’Hafnium’ really showcases the band with way more mature songwriting, and with more diversity – without sounding like a different band. It features different grooves, a broader selection of instrumentation, and more soul. The debut was a lot more like driving ‘80s metal melody and ripping guitars 24/7.” And how does Myers feel Slik Helvetika fit in with the modern metal scene? “Slik Hel’s music has that cool bottom-end groove and rhythm that a lot of the new metal features…but merges a lot of the melody from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s that some people are starting to miss. We don’t rap or cookie monster growl through all the verses and wait for the chorus for the hook…we’re giving you melody and energy through the whole song.”

This is especially evident on such standout tracks as “Burnt” and “Heal Me,” while Myers has a few personal favorites. “We have to really like the songs for them to be on the album to start with, so these are our favorite 10 out of 20. But if I have to pick some, “Money Tree,” because it grabs you right away with hooks everywhere. It comes off a lot heavier and guttural when we play it live – it’s about sex and if you are gonna be cheesy, this is the way to do it! “Hafnium” was a favorite right away – it is an epic song and gut wrenchingly emotional for me, since it’s written about losing my father and it seems to translate to the listener as well. Also, fan reaction to “Reign” during the shows leads me to believe it is a favorite among listeners.” And it shouldn’t be long until fans can experience Slik Helvetika live on a concert stage, as their plan for world domination is to play “As many festivals, tours, and shows as we can get.” With the release of ‘Hafnium,’ Slik Helvetika gives this scientific structure a whole new meaning of heavy.