See you in 2010!

Dec 22nd, 2009

This is,so far, the last news in 2009, the last one in a decade, which brought a revolution in the music industry.
The record industry shrinks itself (hopefully) on a healthy level, well-known and big players have disappeared and only a few new ones appeared.
It gets more and more important for bands to play live shows to earn money and suddenly young fans are discovering “old” bands!
For example the sensational success of IRON MAIDEN, which are delighting three generations meanwhile, is a distinct sign! We are happy that we contributed our part in this triumphs.
There were also several changes in our company: Our “netforce” was founded due to the increasing importance of the internet and with setting up “SAOL” we have created a tool that gives new and talented bands a fair deal and the opportunity to release their album without being caged into a label corset.
Moreover, our classical promotion work can also produce success of this year with bands like IRON MAIDEN (Flight 666), W.A.S.P., SLAYER, THERAPY? and many more.
The co-operation with the ICS (Wacken Open Air) is fertile and opens new perspectives.
In conjunction with you we are heading for 2010 and a new decade of good music and lots of surprises!
In the meanwhile we are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wolfgang Rott