Sacred Oath – “Till Death do us Part”

Sep 8th, 2008

SACRED OATH was originally formed in 1985 in Bethel Connecticut by founding members Rob Thorne (vocals/guitar),Pete Altieri (bass), and eventually Kenny Evans (drums), and Glen Cruciani (guitar). They began to write their own brand of spooky power metal right away with songs like The Ferryman’s Lair, Battle Cry, and Prophecy. The original demo caught on quickly with metalheads across the state, selling hundreds of copies. Further developing their fan base and unique sound through self-produced concerts, the band quickly entered Trod Nossel Studios to record a 5-song demo entitled “Shadow Out of Time”. They also published their own newsletter called “Thrash Inc” which was later changed to “Invocation” and was mailed out to hundreds of metal heads every month. All this while the members of the band were still in high school.