Apr 20th, 2007

In the middle of the 70es, a revolution erupted on the streets of London and New York, which influenced all following generations and their youth culture: The punk-movement. It re-defined fashion and music, fought against the establishment and for an independent and liberal attitude. Punk inspired a whole generation of moviemakers, poets, photographers, fashion designers and artists. {mosimage)This double-DVD, produced by Don Letts, gives a complete overview on the music, culture, fashion, culture and history of punk. Part of the movie are well-known bands like VELVET UNDERGROUND, MC5, THE STOOGES, NEW YORK DOLLS, RAMONES, THE SEX PISTOLS, THE CLASH, THE DAMNED, THE BUZZCOCKS, SONIC YOUTH, BLACK FLAG, DEAD KENNEDYS and the BAD BRAINS. Don Letts, the producer of the film, says: „In a retrospective, Punk was part of a permanent movement in the countermovement. I have produced the movie with exactly this spirit. It is not a nostalgic review, but much more a path to the future. It has happened once, and it can happen again!“