PRESTO BALLET – The Lost Art Of Time Travel

Dec 14th, 2007

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Time travelling is not impossible at all!  The Progrssive rockers PRESTO BALLET prove this in an impressive way with their second album “The Lost Art Of Time Travel”. The band of Metal Church mastermind Kurdt Vanderhoof does not focus on Heavy Metal, but on classic Prog Rock of the 70es. In plain language: Melodic and epic pieces of music, filled with virtuosic guitar playing and dominant  usage of keyboards. PRESTO BALLET could win over Scott Albright for the vocals, who gives all songs an emotional and catchy influence. To make PRESTO BALLET more than a project, a few changes have been made in the line-up: Ryan McPherson and Israel Rehaume brought some fresh air into the band at the keys and backing vocals.  We can all look forward to the live appearances of the band. Kurdt Vanderhoof is sure: “We really need to get out and do some touring this year!” The dynamic and epic songs of “The Lost Art Of Time Travel” make clear that PRESTO BALLET cannot wait any longer to present their new songs on stage. Especially the extensive instrumental passages should make their perfomances very special. So get your engine started to learn the art of time travelling!

“The Lost Art Of Time Travel“ will be released on March 14th 2008 via Escapi.