MY INNER BURNING – My Inner Burning

Oct 9th, 2009

Apart from current trends, the 4 guys and 1 lady from Lower Saxony appear freshening and non-stereotype. MY INNER BURNING persuade by other ways where most bands run things by the rule book like “faster, harder, louder”: multi-faceted Metal with down tuned guitars meets female vocals which comes in powerful but many a time dolce, as well, groovy rhythms combined with earworm and potential hit melodies. MY INNER BURNING has created their own niche. Modern but not run-of-the-mill, in a traditional way but not frumpy at all.

In May 2008 the foundation stone for MY INNER BURNING has been laid. Back then they started as a duo (Nik and Sauer) and recorded a first demo named “Fuck you all” under the bandname of The Core. Some time after this, Cliff (bass) and Deibl (second guitar and shoutings) joined the band. The search of a suitable singer has been difficult. At last, Becky joined the band in November 2008 as the perfect match for vocals and the first demo could be finished. The demo made massive waves in the scene and after some successful shows, they recorded their first and self-titled album in June/July 2009. In August they changed their bandname into MY INNER BURNING.

“My Inner Burning” will be released on 13th November 2009 on SAOL / H´Art / Zebralution.