Mortal Sin conclude consulting deal with cmm

Apr 11th, 2008

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Cmm arranged a consulting deal with the Australian Thrashers MORTAL SIN and is going to attend the band´s interests in the future.

MORTAL SIN released a Thrash Metal classic with their debut album “Mayhemic Destruction” in 1986. After two following albums “Face Of Despair” (1989) and “Every Dog Has Its Day” (1991) the band unfortunately split up and even a temporary reunion in 1996 did not last very long. In 2002 the time has come: MORTAL SIN came back with a new line-up but still with the original members Mat Maurer (vocals) and Andy Leftichiou (bass). They released their comeback album “An Absence Of Faith” on Armageddon Music in 2007, which stuck to their heyday. This can be heard in their song “Tears Of Redemption”, which is a sequel to the song “Lebanon” from their debut.

The band recently showed their live qualities as a support act for Overkill on the W:O:A Roadshow.