Oct 31st, 2011

MOONCRY CMMFrom October 28th on available MOONCRY and ZANTHROPYA EX.

MOONCRY – Rivers of Heart
Out of its treasure chest, SAOL brings you a nice gem today.

With MOONCRY‘s “Rivers of Heart” being brought to a wider audience, you get Dark/Symphonic Power Metal with a slight touch of Thrash. What’s remarkable is the voice: not only is there a male voice to be heared, this guy sounds anything but castrated! A feature that’s rather rare in Symphonic Metal, isn’t it?

ZANTHROPYA EX – Notlösung Kopfschuss
How do you like your Death Metal? Brutal? Sporting higly-skilled technical perfection? How about abysmally sinister, weird lyrics featuring a truckload of stuff you’d even think twice about before wishing it to your worst enemy? Want more? All lyrics in evil German to penetrate your neighbour the best way possible? Give it a shot, he will like that monstrous voice hacking out of your stereo! Infiltrate your hood with ultimate misanthropic evil. ZANTHROPYA EX is the name, ZEX in short. Look out for their brand new “Notlösung Kopfschuss”.

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